These 3 travel beauty essentials will save your next trip Pack smart! Don’t forget to toss these three skincare products in your bag before your next getaway.

You’ve chosen your outfits, made sure your shoes match perfectly, and your makeup bag is filled and ready to go. You’re clearly a smart and seasoned traveler, but if you want to get upgraded to ultimate jet-setter status, make sure these three skincare essentials are in your bag before you leave home. Think of them like ‘skin insurance’ for your trip – they’ll keep you well covered.

Sunscreen to shield you from the rays

Whether you’re out exploring the city, lounging by the pool, or riding the waves, summer is the best moment of the year to get a gorgeous natural and healthy tan. However we can’t stress the importance of wearing sunscreen during your trip enough. Pack an SPF 50, and then apply it to your face and body in the morning and every 2 hours after that, and after each time you take a dip in the water - even if the sun’s hiding. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you can still get sunburn on a cloudy day. And which would you prefer: a glorious golden tan or looking like a lobster? The answer’s pretty obvious, no? So slather on that sunscreen!

Moisturizer to stay hydrated

We’re almost positive that you take your favorite moisturizer with you on all of your trips, but have you ever considered if it’s the right one for the destination you’re headed to? As you already know, your skin reacts differently in each new environment, so it’s best to bring a cream that will adapt accordingly and keep your skin well-hydrated – even hours later – for a guaranteed dewy complexion. If you’re in an area where it’s hot and humid go for a cream that’s lighter and has a gel texture like Biotherm’s Aquasource gel.

Water CC to look flawless

It’s a good idea to let the skin breathe during the summer, and let’s face it - do you really want to spend hours in the bathroom doing your makeup while you’re on a trip? Make things easier for yourself by packing a CC cream like Biotherm’s Aquasource Water CC to get everything done in one simple step: cover up any redness, blur any imperfections, and make your complexion brighter and more radiant instantly. You’re welcome.

To sum it all up: If you want your trip to go off without a hitch, make sure there’s sunscreen, moisturizer and water CC in your bag. Bon voyage!