Express Make-up Remover for Eyes, Waterproof, Non Greasy.


This gentle, fluid, two-phased formula quickly dissolves waterproof makeup while gently cleansing the eye area without leaving an oily film.


An oily phase to quickly remove dark pigments and the most resistant mascaras, the ater phase contains a cleaning system that gently removes all traces of makeup. 


An aqueous phase with a nonionic cleaning agent to complete softly the make-up removal.


Waterproof and non-greasy, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Silicone Oils: Coat the skin to trap in moisture.


Soft, non-ionic, Cleansing Agent.


Neutral pH, Ophthalmologist tested.

Shake gently before using. Apply with a dry cotton pad, passing over the eyelids and lashes.