Fundamental Skin Treatment - All Skin Types


For the 1st time, Life Plankton is infused at the highest concentration (5%) in a miracle essence to transform the skin in just 8 days*.

* 8 days to see and feel a newborn skin. 



- Protected by 8 patents, Life Plankton has the ability to stimulate skin regeneration, to soothe and to protect the skin.

- Thanks to a unique patented method of bio-fermentation, Biotherm biologists, obtained Life Plankton's purest form in vitro while perserving its regenerative power intact. 

- Life Plankton: has a perfect affinity with the skin, is 100% natural/safe for the skin. 



Protecting action, keeps the skin hydrated and balanced. 

Soothing action, helps prevent inflammation linked to acne. 

Regenerating action, acting as an essential skin cooperator.



100% Skin looks brighter

100% Fine lines are less visible

100% Skin tone is evened out

100% Skin feels smoother

100% Skin is dewy

100% Skin is more resilient

85% Skin feels soothed immediately

99% Skin feels smoother



- For every women, at any age

- Suitable for sensitive skin




The best you can do to help improve and preserve your skin quality after Life Plankton Essence, is to make sure you get a good night's sleep, just like a baby, approx. 8 hours per night.



Just as Life Plankton Essence infuses your skin, it is important, to give your body the nutrients it needs in a well balanced manner, whatever your lifestyle and your taste. 

5% of Pure Life Plankton

Use on a perfectly cleanse skin after your cleasning & toning, morning and evening. Shake well before use.

1. Apply with dabbing movements. On the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.
2. With both hands, tap the skin with your finger tips like falling rain, all over the face and neck.
3. Take about 2 more drops on 2 fingers and insist on some areas of the face, where skin can be particularly dry or need attention.
4. Finish with “waves” movements, like when opening a book, to promote the circulation of fluids, from the inside and outwards, and upwards.