Fundamental skin clarifying and renewing treatment


This high efficacy pre-essence contains the highest concentration of the most ingredient known for its regenerative properties: Life Plankton™, a rare natural living ingredient with extraordinary skin renewing powers. Isolated & amplified through a natural bio-fermentation process, its proven results reignites skin's regenerating powers . It enables a miraculous transformation starting today & in the future, making your skin look younger, clearer and brighter. In 8 days, a newborn skin starts to surface. In 28 days, it generates an optimum skin regeneration.

Biotherm has 20 years of skin expertise on Asian skin.

Products proven & tested by more than 5,000 asian women.



Lightweight clarifying texture. This pre-essence immediately penetrates quickly into the skin with the power of Life Plankton™. 


How to use:

Shake the bottle to awaken the power of Life Plankton™. Pour 3-5 drops and warm them in your hands. Apply with dabbing movements on cheeks, forehead and chin. Don't forget the neck.
Regenerate with "8" gesture: draw the figure 8 on your cheeks, cheekbones, forehead and chin to stimulate your skin's self-renewal.



Regenerate skin’s present & transform its future:

In 8 days, skin texture feels 75%* smoother, and in 70%* of cases skin's water oil is balanced. 
In 28 days: skin feels 89% younger, 92% regenerated, 95% clearer, 93% more even. 95% of confirmed that friends around her noticed a beautiful change on her skin.